Tapkeshwar Temple

One of the popular destinations in Dehradun, Tapkeshwar Temple is one in all the foremost visited temples within the region. Residing within the lap of light inexperienced mountains, this destination is crowded by travellers. Cool sulphur water springs here are obtainable for pilgrims to require a shower in before they enter the most temple. Once you enter the most complicated, you’re confronted by the magnificence of Lord Tapkeshwar, Holy chants and also the ringing of temple bells can transport you into a world of the divine wherever you’ll sit back and chew over. Visit the Tapkeshwar Temple to discover your bond with the Supreme Almighty.

The Shiva linga is in cave nearby wherever the stream enters and water droplets drip down on the Shivalinga. The little cave with this splendid scenery is alleged to own been once resided by Dronacharya- the teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas within the Hindu epic religious story written by Ved Vyas. The cave is therefore named Drona Cave once his name.

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